Sunsuivi persists on high-quality rice


     High-quality, safety, delicacy are the 3 major principles of Sunsuivi in producing premium rice.


With dedication and commitment over the last 42 years, Sunsuivi has not only become the first CAS-certified high-quality rice production factory but also obtained numerous accreditations including TAP production traceability, CAS high-quality food, and double international food safety management certification (ISO22000/HACCP). As a result, Sunsuivi’s products are recognized and used by major food factories with stringent demand for quality.


Before each grain of rice leaves the factory, it undergoes rigorous selection and safety inspection procedures, where the strictest standards are applied to ensure the absolute quality of Sunsuivi.

Sunsuivi’s CIS design philosophy

Green symbolizes the verdant mountains and land, embodying Sunsuivi’s qualities of humbleness and nourishment.

White represents humility and the fusion of light’s various spectrums.

Black is the collective symbol of all the visible colors and their energies.


The English name and layout of Sunsui adopt a minimalistic style, while the word 米 (rice) written in a concise, commanding seal script font. The seal on the top right corner bears resemblance to the sunrise and sunset; inside the circle is the word 善(kindness written) in seal script font, looking like 2 people dancing joyously and holding rice over their head. All in all, the logo design exudes minimalistic and retro flair to present a sense of contemporary and chic demeanor.

Sunsuivi corporate brand character – Rice Boy

Pure and pollution-free Daan River

Sunsuivi’s production region is located on the Huoyan Mountain alluvial fan, boasting rich organic matters and copious sunlight. Read more relating to bonanza online slot. During the day, the southwesterly sea breeze blows across the paddy fields to circulate air and prevent rice blast; by night, the cold air from the Xueshan caresses the alluvial fan along the Daan River valley, creating a considerable temperature difference between day and night, which is conducive for the crop’s leaves to conduct photosynthesis.


Moreover, the region is irrigated with clean, unpolluted water from the Daan River that originated from the Daxue Mountain Range. According to the EPA’s annual water quality survey report on rivers in Taiwan, Daan River originated from the Xueshan Range with steep terrain and zero industrial or heavy metal pollution, hence the rice cultivated here are especially plump and nutritious. The vivacious paddy field is ideal for organic cultivation, and it is the only one of its kind in the country.

Sunsuivi’s local roots

Founded at the foot of the Huoyan Mountain on the fertile alluvial fan, Sunsuivi traces its roots back to 1978, when President Li Dong-Chao and General Manager Yeh Shu-Hui launched Shan Shui Me Food Enterprise Co., Ltd., a rice mill in the woods specializing in rice foods. Subsequently, Sunsuivi Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997 in response to the expansion in sales, tapping into diverse markets. In light of global warming, climate change, and the importance of the ecological environment, Sunsuivi established the first organic rice production and marketing group in west Taiwan in 1998 inspired by the core belief of “Friendly Land and Healthy Life” to promote Organic Duck Rice by implementing the integrated rice-duck farming system, thereby making Sunsuivi the first organic-certified rice brand in Taiwan.


Sunsuivi not only holds an important position in the sales channel, but it has also imported professional equipment from Japan and Germany in order to ensure stringent product management and precision milling technology. The rigorous quality management and comprehensive supply system have endowed Sunsuivi with high popularity among consumers and created a trustworthy brand image.

Humble cultivation produces great rice

Sunsuivi’s farmers often say that their livelihood depends on the weather!


Since antiquity, farmers have always cultivated according to the 24 solar terms on the Chinese calendar. Solar terms are the pearls of wisdom that were passed down in the Book of Changes – a book encompassing the values of Chinese culture. By reconciling the variations in the heaven and earth as well as the yin and the yang, the book has proposed the song of the 24 solar terms that states “The spring rainfall facilitates cultivation, get ready for an abundant harvest in summer, and as the weather cools down in autumn, and be prepared to embrace frost in winter.” The song serves as a guide for farmers to know when to sow seeds and transplant rice seedlings in preparation for bumper crops year after year.


Sunsuivi’s rice is cultivated on the fertile alluvial fan at the foot of Huoyan Mountain in Miaoli County, and they are irrigated with crystal clear water from the Daxue Mountain and Daan River, coinciding with the hexagrams Kun and Gen in the Book of Changes that state “Sunsuivi is nourished by the land, mountains, and rivers.”


The hexagrams Kun and Gen combination is also the humility hexagram, corresponding with Sunsuivi (Shan Shui Me Food Enterprise Co., Ltd.)’s management philosophy of Friendly Land and Healthy Life, which is to select the best champion rice variety from the pure, pollution-free Daan River basin and apply outstanding cultivation technology to produce premium, healthy, safe, and aroma-rich rice that offers chewiness and a delectable taste.


As the Taiwanese adage goes“The young rice stalk proudly raises its head towards heaven while the mature rice stalk humbly bows its head to the earth,” Sunsuivi will uphold a humble heart to heaven, earth, and people to cultivate great rice.

Cook great rice, enjoy a fantastic meal.

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Organic Duck Rice

Received MOA organic certification and TOAF organic agricultural product processing plant certification in 2000.

Now, the Duck Organic Rice brand has become a prominent brand in the Taiwanese organic rice market.


Sunsuivi will continue upholding such organic philosophy to take care of the health of the local residents and engage in eco-friendly practices.

The Birth of Organic Duck Rice

Sunsuivi’s production region is blessed with pollution-free irrigation water from Daan River – which originates from Daxue Mountain – as well as the fertile soil of the Huoyan Mountain alluvial fan. After Taiwan’s retrocession, the government’s agricultural policy encouraged increased production, but General Manager Yeh Shu-Hui discovered that the use of chemical fertilizers by the farmers has harmed the soil, causing a decline in the rich aquatic ecology and the picturesque countryside landscape was no more. She said with a heavy heart: “Modern immune system-related illnesses are caused by what we eat!”


To minimize the application of chemical fertilizers, Yeh Shu-Hui began contemplating how to transform to the cultivation of organic rice. In 1998, the organic rice contract production and marketing group was created; during the initial stages of recruitment, only 4.2 hectares of land were available, failing to meet the minimum of 10 hectares required for the organic rice production and marketing group.


At the same time, farmers engaging in traditional farming methods also complained about the hard work involved because they are not allowed to spray pesticides for pest control and have to remove weeds and bugs manually. Additionally, the production volume of crops is also significantly lower compared to the crops raised with chemical fertilizers. In order to encourage the farmers to keep forging ahead, Sunsuivi spared no expenses by offering the farmers a NT$30,000 subsidy per hectare to cover the extra cost of manual labor, fertilizers, as well as providing them with rice brans to improve the soil quality of their paddy fields. Moreover, Sunsuivi purchases the farmers’ crops at a guaranteed price to protect their income, so that they can continue producing organic rice and look after the land, their health as well as that of the consumers. 


In order to understand the importance of organic agriculture to the ecology in Taiwan, and to materialize the concept of Friendly Land and Healthy Life, Yeh Shu-Hui led farmers from the organic production and marketing group to begin natural farming practices on a large scale in 2002. Without using any pesticides, weed killers or chemical fertilizers, the group produced high-quality, organic Duck Rice and later received MOA organic certification and TOAF organic agricultural product processing plant certification in 2000.


With consistent efforts in advancing organic agriculture, the soil fertility of the land was restored steadily, and the production volume did not decrease but instead increased over time. Currently, Sunsuivi’s contract organic farming area has reached 155 hectares, of which 125 hectares are in Yuanli alone, making it the largest organic rice production region in the west. 

Duck Rice

  • Derived from the close mutual relationship between rice and ducks.
  • The integrated rice-duck farming system is ancient wisdom in agriculture that takes advantage of the ducks’ voracious omnivorous appetite to eliminate giant Amazon snails and other pests in the paddy fields. The constant foraging activities of the ducks stimulate crop growth, generate murky water, and minimize weed growth, while the ducks’ feces serve as fertilizers for the crops. The duck’s nocturnal behavior means that the paddy fields can be worked on around the clock. What’s more, ducks do not enjoy Poaceae plants (rice crops contain silicon), so there is no need to worry that the crops will be eaten by mistake.


Organic rice

  • The production process of organic rice is strictly regulated by the law.
  • No application of pesticides, weed killers, or chemical fertilizers is permitted.
  • Only officially-recognized organic materials may be used.
  • Must be verified and approved by an impartial third-party to receive the twin organic certification label.
  • Must comply with pesticide and heavy metal residue levels.

View of Duck Rice

Cook great rice, enjoy a fantastic meal. 


Integrity and Stringent Selection – Premium Rice


Japanese rice expert Mr. Ichiro Tamaki was invited to share Japan’s experiences with local farmers in Taiwan, creating high-quality rice through Taiwan-Japan collaboration.


Mr. Ichiro Tamaki is a Japanese rice cultivation expert who was invited by the US to share his experiences and improve the quality of American rice in 1989. He subsequently stayed in the US to cultivate Japanese Koshihikari rice and successfully market American Koshihikari rice globally. The successful American Koshihikari rice variety was named Tamaki Rice after Mr. Tamaki, and it represents the highest quality rice in the US. 

On July 26, 2017, Mr. Ichiro Tamaki visited Sunsuivi Rice Cultural Museum in the company of dignitaries including the Director of the Northern Region Branch, Agriculture and Food Agency, research doctors from the Miaoli District Agricultural Research and Extension Station and Agricultural Institute, as well as advisors from Uni-President food factory. Together, they unveiled the Taiwan-Japanese cooperation project designed for cultivating premium-quality rice at the Timu Farm.

Outstanding production region – High-quality rice

Contracted Farming Area

  • Professional paddy field management team oversees contract farming.
  • With 200 hectares of contract farming space, the area is constantly being expanded.

Exclusive production region

  • Daan River alluvial fan in Yuanli.
  • Irrigation water originates from the Xueshan Range, and the entire length of the river is less than 100km.
  • Huoyan Mountain separates the climate between the north and south Taiwan, making it an ideal location for cultivating rice.

Professional cultivation – Dedication for your peace of mind

Timu Farm offers only high-quality rice, and its premium image is presented through cultural & creative designs to communicate the brand appeal of exceptional values. The brand aims to introduce safe, health, and first-class rice to the general public.

💯 Premium rice with traceability.

💯 Professional contract farming region – paying particular attention to cultivating great rice.

💯 Premium Taiwanese rice for your safety and peace of mind.

💯 Each grain of rice is meticulously chosen for its plumpness to offer a delectable flavor.

💯 HACCP-certified factory for guaranteed quality.

Cook great rice, enjoy a fantastic meal.

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Exceptional supplier – Trustworthy partnership

With advantages in our comprehensive supply chain, Sunsuivi promotes healthy rice all over the world through field management, sophisticated milling, and production technology, as well as rigorous quality control. The products are exported to global destinations such as Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, USA, Canada, Russia, Japan, South Africa, Australia, Dubai, the UK, and Europe, etc.


In Taiwan, 7-Eleven’s onigiri, THSR lunchbox, Formosa Chang braised pork rice, Yoshinoya, and Chun Shui Tang are all trusted partners of Sunsuivi.